Radiant Review (Anime Review)

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

In today's article Anime Culture will be reviewing and recommending an anime that is a little underrated. Radiant. This is a really great shonen anime that has an incredible and unique vibe to it, and today we'll be stating its best qualities and getting you anime fans hyped to watch it (if you haven't already). If you like this article be sure to drop a like and comment which anime you'd like anime culture to cover next! (Warning: There May Be Spoilers)

The Radiant Universe Is Very Unique

Starting off with the world the anime takes place in, Radiant's world is very unique and different with many aspects that make the anime stand out as a whole. It took a little while to get used to such a world, but it was still very enjoyable. everything takes place on large continental islands and a floating city, due to humans drilling into the planet and making it uninhabitable on the surface. The biggest quality that makes Radiant so unique is that occasionally evil monsters called Nemesis will fall out of the sky only to reek havoc on the humans below, which brings us into another quality of the anime.

The Plot!

The story is about a Teenage boy named Seth who seeks to find where the Nemesis come from, and destroy that place to end the Nemesis for good. He is accompanied by fellow sorcerers, Doc and Melie who share his ideals and aid him on his adventure. The few arcs they show within the first and second season are god tier and hit close to the heart, you'll always be entertained and somewhat emotional while watching this anime. The locations in the anime are especially unique in architecture and setting, that never fail at getting anime fans hyped for what's to come next.

The Characters Are Delightful

The characters in Radiant have their own quirks about them that make them loveable and entertaining to watch. Starting off with probably the most unique character in the series, Melie. the cute girl with a very cheerful attitude is always entertaining to watch, her most visible quality about her is her hair which acts as a nest for her pet "Mr, Boobrie", we catch a glimpse of her past in the anime that depicts her losing her sister to a Nemesis attack, which left her alone. And due to her powers she has always found a group of friends and they have always ended up leaving her, which left her to be lonely for most of her life and using cardboard cutouts as friends. While watching Radiant, Melie can easily become your favorite character. Though there are many other characters that have very interesting personalities, such as Queen Boudica who is a carefree queen and Ocoho who is charismatic and sweet, You'll always be entertained with the characters and the plot while watching this series unfold.

Final Thoughts

Radiant is an incredible and unique shonen anime that has many emotionally heavy scenes with amazing powers, locations and overall an amazing storyline, fans of radiant hope to see more from the anime. If you haven't already watched it, Anime Culture suggest you get cultured and give it a try! If you enjoyed this article be sure to leave a like to show your support and share it with a fellow anime fan. Follow our social media platform for the best Anime Content and Updates.

Until next time, Peace Out Anime Fans!

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