Why My Hero Academia Is So Good

My Hero Academia is an anime that has risen to the top as a top teir Shounen anime. Some like it more than others and some people dislike it soley because of how toxic the fan base can be. My Hero Academia has so many aspects about it, that make it a really good show. And despite some who do not like it, once you give it a chance, you'll see that it deserves it's spot and hype in the anime world. In today's post Anime Culture will positively list the best elements that make My Hero Academia a 10/10 anime. Get ready for an incredibly insightful post, be sure to drop a like on this post and follow our social media platforms for more of your favorite anime | IG: Animecultureblog | TWITTER: Animeculture4

Unique Art Style

My Hero Academia definetley has an art style that is unique. It is a mixture between a cartoonish style and standard anime style. The only other anime that has an art style that can be related to My Hero Academia is anime like "Kill La Kill". Not just the art style but the animation is also top teir and flows well with the colors and powers that are displayed. At first it takes time to get used to becuase you might think its a goofy style, though as you get deeper into the series the art style grows on you and it turns out to be a very unique and probably one of the best art styles seen in anime.

Power System

The power system is very awesome, with everyone having their specialized quirk which could either be unique to the person, and/or a mix of their parents quirks. The best part is that some quirks can seem useless and others can seem very over powered, the fact is that every quirk is useful in their own way and overall they're extremely cool when one knows how to use their quirk to its fullest potential. As the series progresses and more quirks are introduced into the story, they just get better and better.

Deals With Lots Of Characters

Its always interesting and entertaining when an anime pays attention to lots of characters instead of just one. This lets the fan base experience different peronalities and they can choose who their favorite character is from the variety. Despite Izuku Midoriya being the main protaganist, the series follows class 1-A as a whole. This aspect is very important because this is what also made anime like "Assassination Classroom" very popular and entertaining. The sheer thought that we get to watch and experience so many characters, their jounrnies, emotions and more is very entertaining.

Targets The School Genre

Kids who go to school in order to harness their power and use it for good sounds like an incredibly entertaining school anime to watch, it's interesting to see what type of problems the adolesence will run itno within this unique universe. Especially in the case of class 1-A who is known for being attacked by actual villians while training, this spices up the series as we also see romantic emotions, rivalries, jealousy and more arise from the teens attending the schools. It has a way of depicting what the real world would look like if society suddenly started devolping powers that counldn't be contained by governments.

Has A Good Balance Of Seriousness And Comedic Relief

My Hero Academia has a very good balance of seriousness and comedy, which is an aspect that is vital to a good anime. The jokes and cenarios that occur within the series are genuinley funny and the seriousness has a way at touching us emotionally and allowing us to experience what is happening. This breeds a connection between the fan base and the characters that is so profound that it makes this anime a 10/10.

Character Develpment Is Amazing

The development of all the characters involved in the series is quite the spectacle. Seeing romantic emotions, rivalries and more arise from the characters allows the fans to connect and relate to them in many ways. There are so many characters that go through really hard times and watching them as they deal with it and grow, is almost like growing ourselves in a way. The way we can sense romantic feelings brewing between characters rather it be obvious or not is also very entertaining to watch. While watching My Hero Academia its easy to get connected to the characters and caught up in the story. It has a unique way of creating an experience for the fans who love the series.

The Plot Gets Better, The Long The Series Is Going

The longer the series continues, the better it gets. My Hero Academia has a very proggressive story and they know how to balance it out with good filler episodes that effect the cannon episodes in many ways. The characters grow along with every challenge they are faced with and there may even be some arcs where they do not always succeed, i.e. when they lost sir nighteye. The emotions that come along with new characters and back stories of villians is something that is very emotional and we get caught up in it and experience it for ourselves. This is why My Hero Academia Season 5 is such an aticaipated season.

My Hero Academia is very good at connecting with the emotions of the watcher, rather it be a character going through a relatble problem in their life, or overall just the characters being the best the most kawaii version of themselves. It allows the fans to connect with the characters on a deeper level and actually experience the show and it's greatness. My Hero Academia is definetly a top tier shounen anime that lives up to the hype it's been given, and the fan base simply can't wait for all the seasons to come. If you thought this post was insightful, please be sure to drop a like to show your support and follow our social media platforms for the worlds best anime content. And as always, until next time, peace out anime fans!

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