This Is Why Zero Two Is So Popular!

Zero Two is one of the most unique anime girls we have seen in anime. From her appearance to her persoanlity, she has a certain aura about her that is seducing and its inevitable to fall in love with her character while watching her. The development she goes through is something so heart warming and heat breaking. In today's post Anime Culture will be going over some of the best qualities that make Zero Two so popular in the anime community.

Her Wild Girl Personality Is Attractive

Zero Two has a wild girl personality that is so attractive and makes great waifu material. She Has A Certain Adventurous and rebellious Nature about her that keeps up on edge. She doesn't listen to anybody and she doesn't follow the rules, she carries herself with confidence though she is playful like a child, this is to obscure her own insecurities, though when she warms up to you she will confide in you and trust you. This rebellious nature about her is such an attractive trait and as she developes actual freindship relationships with the rest of the characters, she becomes the ultimate waifu thats hard not to love.

Her Past

Zero Two's past wasn't the easiest, She has had a life filled with bad experiences, she has been tortured, manipulated and experimented on immensly. When we get to see the past of Zero Two we find great joy in seeing that she was able to find a little bit of happeness in Hiro. The little Zero Two who was happy to spend time with her "Darling" was the cutest and most heart-warming aspect of the anime and therefore it made her present self more appealing to us.

Her Loyalty

Knowing Zero Two's past makes her even more lovable. Despite all the toture and negativity she's been through, finding joy in being with Hiro warms our hearts and seeing her go through so much just to get back to him is the most beautiful aspect about her. It displays her great loyalty as she never forgot the great memories that kept her going. Even when she warms up to the rest of the squad, she displays loyalty to them, caring for them and wanting to protect them. The loyalty she has is what makes her so lovabe and popular among many anime girls.

She's So Kawaii

Zer Two is very pretty, her character design is very unique compared to the other character's. Zero Two is a tall girl who looks to be in her teenage years, she is taller then all the characters in the show, even the boys and she has long pretty pink hair that stands out. Her horns are the most unique trait about her, they compliment the rest of her look perfectly and not to mention her smile is the cutest. Zero Two embodies the girlfirend archetype perfectly which makes her the ideal waifu, she was indeed built to be a girl the anime world would love.

These are the best qualities that makes Zero Two the best waifu that the anime world loves, Becuase of these reasons, she is one of the most iconic and most popular anime girls that has appeared in anime. Her loyalty, personality and appearnce makes her the perfect character that attracts everyone to her, and to an extent she can be fairly irresistable. If you enjoyed this character review and want to see more, drop a like on this post to show your support and follow our social media platforms for all your favorite anime. And until next time, peace out anime fans!

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