Anime can get very sad at times. Even though they make us cry, we always find ourselves loving the series and wanting more. In today's post Anime Culture will be listing 10 Anime That Will Bring You To Tears! Be Sure to drop a like on this post to show your support and share it with an anime lover!

Re: Zero

One day Subaru Natsuki leaves the convenience store, and all of a sudden he is taken from his everyday life and finds himself in a fantasy world completely different from his own. Not long after his arrival he is attacked by some thugs, with only a bag of groceries, a now useless phone and the clothes on his back, he is quickly beaten up. Fortunately for him a mysterious girl named Satella comes to his rescue. When she saves him he decides to stick with her and help her find the one who stole her insignia as thanks. though just minutes after locating her insignia, they are both brutally murdered. However Subaru immediately reawakens back in the alley he was mugged in.


Charlotte is a pretty underrated anime, and is definelty an anime a 2nd season. The story follows Yuu Otosaka, a high school boy who has a nearly perfect life, the girls love him, he has good grades and is a model student that everyone looks up too. Though he has one a secret he doesn't tell anyone, he has the ability to slip into anybody's mind and control their body for five seconds, he has been using this skill to get the highest grades and reach prestige. When the enigmatic Nao Tomori catches him using his powers she makes him and his sister attend Hoshimoumi Academy for their safety. Nao is apart of the student council and they are tasked with secretly hunting down teens who abuse the abilities they are given and have them attend the school for their safety. Yuu ends up joining the student council and and starts to become aware that his power and many others are more powerful than they think. Charlotte has a lot of moments that will make you feel miserable though its still very entertaining to watch and in some ways very relatable to real life, The art style is of some of the best and the characters are difficult to not to fall in love with.

Hotarubi No Mori e

One day Six-year-old Hotaru Takegawa loses her way into the ancient forest while visiting her uncle. Tired and in need of help she stumbles across a masked forest sprirt named Gin. She quickly learns that she should not touch the boy, or he would disappear. Despite this he leads her out of the forest and warns her to never return again when she says that she'll come back with gifts.

Paying no heed to what he told her, she visits him every summer despite being seperated by both distance and planes of existence. Hotaru and Gin become good friends and their relationship grows into something more once romantic feelings brew and conflict the one and only rule


When Satoru Fujinuma finds himself sent back into the past before a tragedy happens, he takes full advantage of the power which he calls "Revival", to save lives. Though he is wrongfully accused of murdering someone close to him and he is then sent back further into the past. But this time to 1988, he soon relizes that the crime may be connected to the abduction and murder of one of his classmates. This is his chance to make things righ

A Silent Voice

As a young and wild elementary school student, Shouya Ishida finds ways to beat boredom in some of the cruelest ways. When the deaf Shouko Nishimiya transfers to his class, Shouya and some of his friends begin to bully her for fun. Though one day her mother notifies the school and he is the only one blamed for everthing that has happend to her. When Shouko transfers out of the school, Shouya is then betrayed and bullied by the very friends who elped him bully Shouko.

Fast foward to his third year of highschool, he is a loner and doing his best to make it day by day. He is still haunted by his wrong doings when he was in elementary. Sincerely regretting what he had done he sets out to make amends: finding Shouko

Assassination Classroom

One day a mysterious creature chops the moon into a permanent crescent, and now he is hunted with the japanese government putting a huge bounty on his head. However this creature makes an odd request and that is to become the teacher of class 3-E of Kunugigaoka middle school, the students of Kunigigaoka now find themselves with an important task on their hands, they are tasked with assassinating this creature before he makes good on his promise that he will blow up the earth next by the time finals roll around. Despite his evil plans, he ends up being the best teacher they have ever had.

Plastic Memories

Tsukasa Mizugaki has failed his colleg entrance exams, but after pullin a few strings he lands a job at Sion Artifial Intelligence Corporation. This company is resposible for creating "Giftias": Highly advanced androids who look very much like humans. Though unlike humans, these androids have a maximum lifespan of around 9 years. The station Tsukasa was assigned to is responsible for collecting Giftiaqs that have met their expiration date.

After joining his station, Tsukasa is partnered up with a Giftia named Isla. She is a veteran and is considered the best in Giftia Retrievals. Despite her youthful appearance, time is running out for her and Tsukasa must come to terms with his feelings for Isla before time is up

Your Lie In April

Music is the life of the human metronome, The prodigious pianist Kousei Arima. But after his mother passed away Kousei falls into a downward spiral which makes him unable to hear the sound of his own piano.

Two years later, Kousei still avoids the piano, leaving behind all of his admirers and rivals, He simply lives a colorless life alongside his friends Tsubaki and Ryouta. But one day everything changes when he meets a beautiful violinist, Kaori Miyazono, who stirs up his colorless world and sets him on a journey to face music again.


Jinta Yadomi is kind of a shut in, spending most of his days away from school and playing video games at home. On one hot summer day, his childhood friend, Meiko "Menma" Honma, appears and annoys him to grant a wish that he had forgot about. He doesnt really pay her any attention and that annoys her greatly. Though he doesnt really care, since Menma already died years ago.

Violet Evergarden

At last, The Great War has finally came to an end after four long years of conflict. Split in two, the continent of Telesis slowly began to prosper again. In the midst of the bloody battles was Violet Evergarden, a young girl raised as a weapon for war. When the was ended she was hospitalized in a bloody battle during the war's final leg, she was only left with the words of someone she held dearest, though she does not understand their meaning.

As she recovers vrom her wounds, Violet starts a new life working at Ch Postal Services adfter not getting along with her new intended guardian family. There by pure chance she sees the work of an "Auto Memory Doll, Females who write letters for those who need to contact others. Intrigued by the notion she begins to work as an Auto Memory Doll. This will send her on an adventure that will help her clients lives and lead her to self discovery.

The Anime above are some of the most emotional anime series that is sure to bring you to tears. You always find yourself getting attatched to the main character and before you know it, thier heartbreak is yours as you can feel what they go through. With many sad moments and goodbyes, its hard not to cry while watching one of these Anime series. If you liked this list and want see more be sure follow us on our social media platforms for all the best Anime content, updates, and more! And until next time, Peace Out Anime Fans.

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