Loli's We Wish Were Our Little Sister

Updated: May 14

Loli's are by far the cutest steroetype that has been in the anime and manga world for quite some time. There is alot of controversy around them, though when their added to the series in an appropiate way they can be the warmth a sereis may need. Throughout many anime series we always notice a character that we want to protect with our lives as if they were our actual little sister. So In Today's post Anime Culture will be taking a look at Loli's You Wish Were Your Little Sister. A Loli is a prebuscent girl who is either around the age of 9 - 13, though some loli's can be older and simply have the appearance of a little girl.

Kanna Kobayashi

Kanna Is Sweet and gives off a daughter vibe, that we all love. She is quiet, helps around the house and has a huge appetite for anything and everything. Her style is gothic lolita with zettai ryouiki thrown in there. Despite her age as a dragon she has the human form of a kindergardener and the mindset of one as well. She is the sweet Loli throughout the series that lightens all of our hearts.


Shiro Is one of the duo players that play under a certain type of account that aleays ends up in the top ranks of any game, they are known as blank. Along with her older step brother, they get all the high scores in every game and are known as the best players in the world. Shiro and her brother have a very close relationship, they do everything together and when one isnt in the presence of the other they lose all control of themselves. Its obvious they love each other and she is supportive of her big brother 100%. Their relationship can sometimes appear slightly incestious, as seen when they had no problem kissing each other during their game with Jibril. She is the supportive sister we all wish we had.

Ayumi Otosaka

Ayumi Is the cheerful little sister of Yu Otosaka from "Charlotte." She is always smiling and has a very vibrant and cute personality, she is kind, caring and she is very responsible. She cooks her and her big brother's breakfast and lunches everyday and she also cooks their dinner. Yuu may be narccistic though Ayumi was the only one he thought about other than himself

Popura Taneshima

Even Though she is 17 Popura is always mistaken for a younger girl due to her small stature and incredibly childlike voice. The busty 17 year old is apart of the series "Working!!", a series that focuses on the inner situations of a working staff at a resturant. Despite her age she gives off a cute little sister aura


Yoshino is a kind hearted, sweet girl who is a spirit from Date A Live. She has a muppet like companion with her at all times who also serves as her weapon when she needs to defend herself. She is quiet and kind of shy though she loves Shido and sees him as her older brother and she is willing to use her powers in order to protect him at al costs

Kotori Itsuka

Kotori is the foster sister of Shido From "Date A Live", She is also secretly a spirit and an important one. She is the commander of the Fraxxinus and has 3 different personalities which changes based on the ribbon color she is wearing. She overall has a cute little sister aura who does genuinly care for her older brother and his well being, Despite being a stern and amazing captain on the fraxxinus, With Shido she has moments where she acts as his little sister genuinley which indicates that she does have a childlike nature about her. Her feelings for her big brother are unmatched by any and she is always wiling to go to great lengths in order to protect him.

Wendy Marvel

Wendy May Be The Sweetest Girl On This List, She is very kind, caring, thoughtful and an overall sweetheart who is hard not to love. Though do not let her cuteness fool you, This little girl has the magic power to slay actual dragons. She may be young though she can hold her own in battle against strong opponents. She would be the best little sister to have

Kaede Azusagawa

Kaede is the little sister of Sakuta. She is a victim of bullying and has become somewhat of a shut in due to th bullying. Since she doesnt leave the house much she takes on most of the household responsibilities, She tries her best to be the best little sister to Sakuta and just knowing that she escapes her past bullying memories by locking them away deep in her mind breaks all o our hearts. She is definetly a little sister we all want to protect at all times. She even created a list of goals to fulfill with her brother, since she knows once she finds her true self again, their relationship will not be as strong as it once was.


Sagiri is unique in both character design and personality. She lights up the story due to her blossoming character. She learned to draw at a young age from her mother and she works well together with her older brother. She is a little sister who is enjoyable to watch

Melty Q Melromarc

Melty Is the princess of the kingdom of melromarc, Despite her young age she is very skilled in politcs and economics hence why she was chosen to take the throne over her older sister. She is good with people and some of the prettiest hair. Though despite all of that she does still have a childlike nature about her that will come out whenever she is with Naofumi or her bestfriend Filo. She has a fond interest in Filolial's, which is one of the reasons why her and filo get along so well. Being with Naofumi she can act as if he is a big brother to him and in all honestly she would make a really great younger sister.


Fun And Upbeat, Filo makes a pretty great little sister. She has the appearance of a goddess, a huge appetite and the personality of a child. Filo is another one who gives off the daughter vibes and Naofumi can sometimes even treat as a daughter. Though do not let let her kawaiiness fool you, This Filolial is very powerful and is next in line to become the Filolial queen


And last but notleast is Nezuko. Probably the best little sister anime has seen. During her human days she showed responsiblity, helping her mom with many of the chores around the house. She is very caring and kind, always thinking of her siblings before herself, much like Tanjiro. She loves her family dearly and even up till their last moments Nezuko showed her love by trying to protect her sibling. Even after becoming a demon she always showed her love for Tanjiro and whenever he was overwhelmed with enemies she was able to back him up, One of the best qualities about her is that she isn't a damsel in distress, she can hold her own even against strong demons. She is the little sister we all love.

These Girls would make some of the best little sisters for many different reasons and we all wish we had them for one, When they pop up in their respective series the mood is always lightened and the heart is warmed. If you want to see more list like this be sure to drop a like on this post and follow our social media platforms for all the best anime updates and content, Until next time, Peace Out Anime Fans!

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