Kimestu No Yaiba/ Demon Slayer Review (Anime Review)

Updated: Aug 25, 2020



Action, Demons, Historical, Shounen, Supernatural


8.76 (On MAL)

The Animation/ Fighting Scenes

Demon Slayer easily has some of the best animation Anime has ever seen, The Fighting scenes are very unique and they know how to keep the viewers on their feet. Demons are creatures who aren't easy to kill and simply impaling them wont do the trick, Demon slayers must use a custom sword to lop its head off, it is always entertaining to see the different and unique powers ufotable puts on display. From sharp spider webs to amazing breathing techniques and elemental powers created by the swords, every fight is epic and exceeds in powers and animation.

The Characters

Tanjiro and Nezuko are so easy to love, they are both put through a horrifying tragedy but he still finds the strength to save his little sister and set the goal to turn her back into a human. We see his kindness and ability to empathize with anyone including the demons he slays, and his ability to consciously think while in battle. We see that as brother and sister their relationship is so strong that they achieve amazing feats and they are willing to die for each other. on their journey they both grow stronger to defeat demons and we all want to see them succeed on their quest. There are other characters that many fans love as well. The seriousness and comedic relief of Giyu tomioka, The big sister vibe of Shinobu Kocho, the bravery of Inosuke, and the comedic relief of Zenitsu, and many more. Demon Slayer is an anime filled with unique personalities and interesting people. Let us know down below who your favorite character is!

The Plot

The series can be heavy on the heart from the get-go, with Tanjiro losing his family in such a tragic way, having his sister turned into a demon, and even the story of Makomo and Sabito hits your heart heavily. The world of Kimetsu No Yaiba is filled with lots of powers and abilities that make the plot all the more better. Not only that, but some demons were originally human, and each of them sometimes have a very tragic backstory that makes Tanjiro’s habit of empathizing with them more logical. Demon slayer is so entertaining in every way and the battles are more interesting, as we all hope a cure can be found.

Final Thoughts

Kimetsu No Yaiba is a hyped up anime, and for good reason. The Animation is top tier, the powers and abilities are unique, the characters have such touching backstories, the plot is so interesting that when you start you don't want to stop, And the animation is amazing! The anime community simply can't wait to see the movie and potentially a 2nd season. If you love Demon Slayer just as much as the Anime Culture team, leave a like on this post to show your support and comment down your favorite fight scene from Demon slayer. Until Next Time, Peace Out Anime Fans

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