Erza Is The Best Waifu And Here's Why

Erza Is by far the best red head waifu we anime fans have gotten. She has so many qualities about her that makes her so lovable and unique. from her horrible past to the present, she has been amazing and kind to those around her and has always stayed strong. Erza hails from the popular Shounen anime "Fairy Tail" A Story that follows Lucy heartfilia and her journey to becoming an adventurous wizard, to do so, she joins the Fairy Tail guild, the no. 1 guild in Fiore. This guild is known for having the strongest wizards and causing the most damage to property. There she meets Natsu and his companion Happy and they form what would be the strongest team in Fairy Tail that includes Herself, Natsu and Happy along with Gray, an ice wizard, and Erza, a skilled swordswoman, and the most powerful female in Fairy Tail. This team takes on jobs for money and goes on the most craziest adventures

Her Big Sister Like Aura

Erza is one of the "Big Sisters" in the series. Despite natsu and gray fearing her slightly. They ultimatley respect her and love her as a big sister. She is a natural leader and cares alot for the people who are in her life as if she was their older sister. She keeps them in place due to how powerful she is, though she always balances it out with immense kindess and encouragment. This is shown when she was injured and engouraged Natsu to keep fighting and surpass even her power. Like a amazing big sister she is shown that she is willing to put her life on the line for the people she loves without hesitation. This quality is an important one that makes Erza such an amazing character.

Even Though She Is Serious, She Has Her Funny Moments

Erza has a very serious and mature nature about her, which is why she is so scary to everyone in the guild, though despite this she has her goofy and comdic moments at times which makes her a great person to get along with. This is shown many times and one of the best times it was shown was when she was fighting Azuma and conteplated rather or not she should use her seductive armor in order to defeat her enemy. Despite being one of the strongest females in Fiore, you can always catch her doing casual jobs like being a maid at a resturant which is a funny dynamic once you analyze it. She has a great balance of maturity, seriousness and comedy which makes her such a unique person

The Fact That She Is Incredibly Loyal

Erza is an incredibly loyal person, which is always an attractive trait. She stayed loyal to jellal for such a long time and has always believed he can still turn over a new leaf. She has always shown loyalty towards her friends and this was shown dramatically when she was willing to be tortured If Mirajane wasn't released. Her loyalty is unwavering and this is one of her most attractive traits.

She's Not A Damsel In Distress

Unlike some anime girls, Erza was never a damsel who needed to be rescued, she showed everyone she was capable of holding her own in battle against incredibly strong opponents, which in turn, didn't make her the average anime girl who needed saving from the main character. Due to erza's past she was forced at a very young age to become strong and gain leadership skills and once you learn of her horific past, the love and respect grows for this character as we see her constantly be strong for those who go through a tough time in their life.

Her Compassion

Despite her past that has scarred her for life, she is still able to show compassion to those who need it. This quality shows her strength selfessness as a person. She is genuinley a good person at heart and can relate to those who have lost loved ones. Through her own pain, she has gained wisdom and comforts those who have gone through something sad. This was shown when she comforted Wendy when she lost her home and when she comforted Kagura after figuring out she was Simon's younger sister. Her compassion is what makes her one of the best characters in Fairy Tail.

She's Absolutley Beautiful

Lucy even wrote down in her diary that when she first saw Erza she was ready to see a monster due to Natsu aand Gray's description about her. But instead she saw one of the prettiest girls she's ever seen. Erza Is a 19 year old woman with a long scarlet hair that covers her artificial right eye. Underneath her armor Erza has a toned and voluptuous body which lucy describes as "Amazing". Her personality is what also makes her beautiful, She can be strict and stern at times, though she is a very kind and loving person who genuinley cares for other, especially her guild friends.

Erza has a great balance of what makes a great waifu. Body, Personality and much more. She is an anime girl who will always make the "best red headed waifu's list" anytime. If you enjoyed this post be sure to drop a like to show your support and love for Erza. Be sure to follow our social media platforms for the best anime updates and content. And until next time, Peace out anime fans!

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