Edens Zero Anime Is Official! (Anime News)

  • Hiro Mashima Creator of the popular anime "Fairy Tail" recently announced that his new manga series will be getting an Anime! He states, "EDENS ZERO has been announced as a new anime! I'm looking forward to the atmosphere of Sakura Cosmos & battle scenes with the ether gear. Plus, I wonder what will happen to the voice of Happy?

  • The story focuses on the young boy Shiki, who lives with machines in the country of dreams known as "Grambell." He met a girl named Rebecca with a blue cat named Happy. She makes a living by broadcasting movies and before her, no one visited Grambell for 100 years. They soon become friends, but their encounter changed their lives... Where will destiny take them?

  • The Anime Culture Team is pretty excited about the new and we will keep you updated with news about voice actors, Release dates and more! Enjoy this PV that will get you hyped for what's to come next! What are your thoughts on EDENS ZERO? Let us know!

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