Anime That Make You Want To Visit Japan

In all honesty, watching anime overall brings on that urge to visit the country it was made in, though there are those certain anime series that do a great job at displaying japan, its culture and daily life there. In today's post Anime Culture will be listing and recommending the best anime series that will make you want to visit the Japanese countryside and cities. Be sure to drop a like on this post to support the Anime Culture!

No-rin (Country Side)


No-rin is amazing comedy anime that shows a lot of the countryside of japan and its agriculture. The story follows idol obsessed Kousaku Hata who is devastated to hear that his favorite idol has announced her retirement after a prosperous career. Heartbroken by the news he falls into depression and locks himself away from the rest of society. However on the day his friends convince him to attend school again he is welcomed with a surprise. His favorite idol has just transferred into his class! No-Rin is an incredibly funny anime with many cute and ecchi scenes

Your Name (Country Side and Tokyo)


Your Name is a classic movie we all love dearly and it takes place in both the countryside of Japan and Tokyo city. The story follows high school girl Mitsuha Miyamizu and high school boy Taki Tachibana. Mitsuha is a country girl who is tired of her country lifestyle and yearns to live in the bustling city of Tokyo. Meanwhile in the city of Tokyo Taki lives a busy life juggling school and a part-time job and hopes for a future in architecture. One day Mitsuha wakes up in a room that is not hers and realizes she is finally living out the Tokyo dream she'd always had, but in Taki's body! Elsewhere Taki finds himself inside the body of the high school girl in the countryside. In pursuit of an answer for this strange event that made them switch bodies, they search for one another. Your Name displays the peacefulness of the countryside and the always busy streets of Tokyo perfectly, and the art style is probably the best!

Harukana Receive ( Okinawa/Countryside)


Harukana Receive is an inspring sports anime that shows off the beautiful scenery of Okinawa. The story follows high school girl Haruka Oozora who moves to Okinawa to live with her cousin Kanata Higa and her grandparents. On her first day while touring a nearby beach, she stumbles upon two girls practicing beach volleyball Narumi Tooi and Ayasa Tachibana, and she is quickly invited to join them. The friendly practice they had going on quickly turned into a match when Narumi notices Kanata approaching the court. After being defeated, Haruka finally realizes the reason for her cousins distant and quite behavior . Kanata and Narumi used to be an incredibly talented volleyball duo back in the day, though she quite due to her short stature and causing problems for Narumi. Though now that Haruka is living in Okinawa and is interested in playing beach volleyball she tries to inspire Kanata and help her overcome her anxiety towards the sport she used to love. "Harukana Receive" is very good anime that shows off the best of beach volleyball and Okinawa that is both inspiring and entertaining, not to mention the beautiful and colorful art style.

Dagashi Kashi (Country Side)


Dagashi Kashi is a really great anime that takes place in the Japanese countryside, and it is incredibly hilarious with lots of funny moments and hilarious characters. the plot takes place out in the countryside. Out there stands a sweet shop run by the Shikada family for nine generations. The current head of the sweet shop wants his son, Kokonotsu Shikada, an aspiring manga artist, to take over the family business. though despite his father's pleas he refuses to inherit the business and focuses on his passion. Though this may change due to the arrival of the eccentric Hotaru Shidare. She has ventured into the countryside to recruit Kokonotsu's father to come work for her family's company, Shidare Corporation , a world's famous sweets manufacturer. He initially refuses, he states that he'll join her under one condition: if Hotaru can convince Kokonotsu to take over the family shop. And so begins Hotaru's mission to enlighten the boy on the true joy of delicious and nostalgic dagashi!

Non Non Biyori (Country Side)


Non Non Biyori is a wholesome anime that takes place in the Japanese countryside village named "Asahigaoka". Most think this town is a boring, typical countryside, however this village is far from colorless due to five students of different ages who occupy the only school in town. This anime has many wholesome moments and characters, as well as hilarious scenarios. "Non Non Biyori" showcases life in the countryside of japan in an interesting way and wont fail at making you want to visit the Japanese countryside.

Sakura Quest (Countryside)


Sakura Quest is a really good Inaka anime that features an all girl cast and an interesting and unique plot. The story follows recent college graduate, Yoshino Koharu. Tired of her rural lifestyle she moves to the city of Tokyo for a more exciting life. After an unsuccessful job hunt she finally lands a part time job as the queen of a bizarre place named "The Kingdom Of Chupakabra", a run-down mini attraction located in the small rural town of Manoyama. Upon arrival she learns that she was mistaken for a celebrity and the job offer was a mistake. Left with no other choices, Yoshino agrees to aid in reviving Manoyama. In order to bring excitement to the dying town with the help of some of the locals, the queen enacts multiple projects in order to highlight the Culture Manoyama. "Sakura Quest" is an amazing slice of life anime that doesn't fail at keeping you entertained with every episode, its characters and moments. It has a very unique plot and is relatable in many ways.

Barakamon (Countryside)


Barakamon Is a really great and wholesome Inaka anime that display life in the countryside of japan very well. The story follows Seishuu Handa, an upcoming calligrapher. when a veteran calls his award-winning piece "unoriginal", he loses his cool. As punishment and to aide himself in self-reflection his father exiles him to the Goto islands. Far from his cozy Tokyo lifestyle and thrown into a rural setting he must now find inspiration and develop his own unique art style. Thats if children and the locals stop barging into his home uninvited. Barakamon is a great anime with many funny moments and it does a great job at displaying life in the countryside of japan.

Wolf Children (Countryside)


Wolf Children is a really great anime movie that can get emotional. This anime displays the hardships of a single mother and her children in the countryside of japan in a unique, relatable and emotional way. The story follows Hana, a hard working college student who falls in love with a mysterious man who is in one of her classes. Though one night on a full moon he reveals his true identity as one of last surviving werewolves. Even so her feelings didn't change and they decide to start a family together. Tragedy struck as he lost his life in an accident, which leaves her to raise their daughters alone, all while trying to hide their identity as werewolves. She then decides to move to the countryside in order for her two daughters to live a life free from the judgement of society

The Anime listed above are some of the best that do a great job at displaying life in japan in a fairly realistic way. Rather you're in the countryside or in one of the major cities, life in japan as an anime fan can be pretty interesting. if you liked this post be sure to drop a like to show your support and follow our social media platforms for the best anime updates and content! And Until Next Time, Peace Out Anime Fans!

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