5 Really Good Ecchi Manga Artist

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

If you're like Anime Culture, you may have a thing for smutty manga. Manga without smut and fanservice is good and many Manga fans don't even like smut/fanservice when they read manga, though some really like it. It can be a little cringey at times though manga with fanservice can be just as good as manga without it. In today's post Anime Culture will share a small list with you Smut lovers, that display some really good manga artist who make amazing smutty manga. Let us know who your favorite manga artists is by commenting below! (Note that his list is in no particular order)


Ooi, Masakazu

Manga Is Okusan

Masakazu may be one of my favorite ecchi artists OF ALL TIME. He is very good at making smutty manga with some of the stories being wholesome and funny at times. His art style is very unique and easy to fall in love with, to check out more of his work click here!

Manga Is Ashitaba-san Chi no Mukogurashi


Cool-kyou Shinja

Manga Is ChiChi ChiChi

Cool-kyou Shinja is a great artist with a very unique style. His art can be unrealistic yet incredibly amazing. He is most famous for creating the story and art of anime Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, though he has many other works including Komori-san Cant Decline, and the famous manga ChiChi ChiChi. This artist is amazing and you'll always have fun viewing his work (and turned on). He even makes Hentai Manga/Doujinshi. If you'd like to see more of this artist's work click here!

Manga Is Fukumaden


Wakou Honna

Wakou Honna is a really good mangaka who makes smutty manga that have good plots to them. Their art style is semi realistic and is a pleasure to read, the plots in their work is focused on romance and can be very heartwarming and wholesome at times, but they do a great job at keeping that smut and ecchi within the plot. To check out more of this mangaka's work click here!

Anime Is Nozoki Ana

Manga Is Nozo x Kimi


Shouji Sato

Manga Is Highschool Of The Dead

Shouji Sato has art that is very "entertaining" to view. He has a very unique style and most of his art has characters with very spiky hair and curvy women who stand out. Shouji is most famous for the hit post-apocalyptic Ecchi series Highschool Of The Dead. Though he has many more amazing works like Triage X. Sadly Shouji has passed away which stopped most of his works. Though fans (Including Me) will always remember and cherish his amazing work. If you'd like to check out more series Shouji has created click here!

Manga Is Triage X


Takeda, Hiromitsu

Anime Is Kazoku-tachi no Sumu Ie de

Hiromitsu Is an artist with amazing skills. His art is kind of generic but still amazing, the plots he comes up with for his series will always keep you entertained one way or another. He is most famous for creating the Ecchi Series Maken Ki! And has created many Hentai series. if you'd like to see more of his works click here!

Manga Is Maken Ki!

Not all manga readers like alot of smut while reading manga, though a manga with smut and ecchi can still be really entertaining to read. The Manga Artists above do a great job at displaying smut/ecchi in their work and provide a comedic and/or wholesome plot, you won't be disappointed while reading their work. If you found this list helpful, drop a like to show your support and let us know who your favorite mangaka is by commenting below! Follow us On IG: Animecultureblog and Twitter: Animeculture4 for more anime Content! Until Next Time, Peace Out Anime Fans.

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