6 Anime Like The Seven Deady Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins is an absolutely amazing shounen anime. The entire concept of a band of strong warriors who are being tracked down by the very kingdom they onced served is an incredible and adventuorus plot. The story gets even deeper as the series progresses and more characters are added to the mix. The Seven Deadly Sins is airing right now with its 5th season "Nanatsu no Taizai: Fundo no Shinpan/The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgement". In this post Anime Culture will be recommending 6 Anime very similar to Nanatsu No Taizai. These anime may have a similar concept though they are very unique in many ways and need way more spotlight than they are given.

Magi The Labryinth Of Magic


Around the world, there are several mysterious labryinths with incredible treasures within them, gold and wealth of a king and the power of a legendary being known as Djinns. The mysterious places are known as dungeons, and are said to be the work of Magi. Rare Magicians who show up in times of need and guide kings and help them build empires by guiding them to the dungeons. Those who are capable of conquering a dungeon have access to the immense power the Djins hold and they are chosen as king candidates to rule the world

Yona Of The Dawn


Princess Yona is the daughter of the current reigning king and she lives a life of luxury and ease with little to no worries. However one day her father is murdered at the betrayal of her own cousin, Su-won. Su,won then seeks to end Yona's life though she manages to escape with one of her most trusted and skilled childhood friend and bodyguard, Son Hak. The naive princess then realizes that her kingdom wasnt the paradise she thought it was. Poverty, Strife and corruption run all throughout her kingdom. As she realizes this she sets out to gather a team who will help her reclaim her throne so that she may restore order to her kingdom.

Akame Ga Kill


Night Raid is like a special operations branch for the Revolutionary Army, an army founded with the sole task to overthrow the Prime Minister, Honest. a greedy man who is the advisor and sole counselor to the emperor. He has abused his power greatly and the empire is nothing but a huge corrupt nation that needs to be liberated. With no strong leadership the rest of the nation drowns in pverty, strife and ruin. Though Night Raid members are all trained killers and they go throughout the empire killing all of the elites who stand in the way of the Revolutionary Army.

Rage Of Bahumut


Thousands of years ago, an ancient dragon reaked havoc and brought destruction to the land of Mistarcia, a world where both gods and demons lived alongside humans. This dragon was know as Bahamut. Working together in order to save their land, the leader of the gods "Zeus" and the leader of the demons "Satan" combined their powers and risked themselves in order to seal away the vicious dragon eternally. They split their powers equally to make the key to this seal.

With bahamut sealed and the world safe. Everyone carries on with their normal lives. This includes Favaro Leone, a bounty hunter who lives a self fulfilling life. He makes his debut while on the run from fellow bounty hunter Kaisar Lidfard, A righteous knight who swears vengance upon Favaro. However Favaro's carefree life is brought to a hault when he meets Amira, a mysterious girl who just so happens to hold half of the key to the worlds fragile peace.

Demon Slayer


Living on a remote mountain, Tanjiro Kamado is the oldest of many siblings and he has taken on the responsiblity of taking care of his family since the death of their father. They enjoy a relatively peaceful and happy life. All seems okay until one day Tanjrio goes down the mountain into the local village to make money selling charcoal. On his way back, night falls which forces him to take refuge in the house of a strange man who warns tanjiro about the existence of bloodthristy demons that roam the woods at night.

In the morning he makes his way back home only to see the most horrifying sight. His family has been mercilessly slaughtered, the sole survivor is his younger sister Nezuko who has been turned into a demon. Consumed by ager and hatred, Tanjiro vows to avenge his family and kill the demon who did this. He takes his sister and sets out to join the mysterious group calling themselves the Demon Slayer Corps, an orginization that is not recognized by the government. On this journey he also seeks to turn his sister back into human.

The Heroic Legend Of Arslan


Under the rule of King Andragoras III, The Kingodm of Pars is at war with the neighboring empire, Lusitania. Different from his father in many ways, Arslan, The prince, sets out to prove his valor by fighting on the battlefield alongside his soldiers. However things go wrong when the king is betrayed by on of his most trusted offcials. The parsian army is decimated and the capital city of ecbatana is taken by the Lusitanians. With the army in shamble and the Lusitanians looking for him, Prince Arslan is forced to flee. With a respected, honorable, and skilled general at his side, Daryun, Arslan sets off on a journey in search of allies who will help him take back his kingdom.

The anime series above are very unique in many ways and have a fairly similar concept to The Seven Deadly Sins. They are about groups who are being hunted while trying to achieve their goal and thus, this sets them on a great adventure that we the audience get to be apart of. It's an Anime Culture guarantee that you wont be disappointed when we give one of these series a chance. If you saw an anime you love be sure to drop a like on this post to show your support to it. Also be sure to follow us on social media for daily Anime, Manga, Cosplay And Hentai! And until next time, Peace Out Anime Fans

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