5 Spin Off Anime That Were As Good As the Original

The pain that comes from knowing a great anime is coming to an end hurts. And even though it may end perfectly, anime fans may still want to see those familiar characters living their daily lives. Spin -offs can either bring us great joy or disappointment. Anime spin-offs are meant to give our beloved series a new narrative, in today's post Anime Culture will be be listing and reviewing 5 really great Spin-off anime that are just as good as the original series. Drop a like on this post to show your support to these spin off series!

5: Isekai Quartet


Isekai Quartet follows the story of everybody's favorite Isekai anime characters. Every character is living their daily lives and suddenly they all come across a red button that is practically shouting to be pushed. As curiosity overcomes them, these Isekai characters all push this mysterious red button, sending them to an unfamiliar world. with no way to escape they must now live out a normal school life and converse with the others. An anime filled with eccentric isekai characters never gets boring.

4: Soul Eater Not!


Soul Eater Not! Is a spin off series of the original series Soul Eater that takes place one year prior to the original. humans are born with the power to transform into weapons and those with the power to wield these weapons train to hone their natural talent. new halberd-transforming student, meets Meme Tatane and Anya Hepburn and quickly grows indecisive about which of the two new friends should be her partner. As they learn to use their powers and settle in, their lives as everyday students will not be normal.

3: Magi: The Adventures Of Sinbad


In the small and impoverished Tison Village of the parthevia empire, a miracle child named Sinbad is born. His birth creates a surge throughout the worlds energy and all major powers sense his presence. As he grows older, mysteries called dungeons appear and sinbad seeks to conquer one. This is a spin off series of the original series Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic. This series tells the story of sinbad and his adventure to create his own country.


The Adventures Of Sinbad is an interesting anime, that follows the interesting and inspiring character, Sinbad. During his time in the original series he is a king and his character was so loved that he got his own spin off that shows his story. Watching Sinbad on his adventure to establish his own country is amazing. Character development is great with lots of comedic relief. The entire Magi series is a bit underrated, though it does a great job displaying lots of cultures, powers and characters you fall in love with.

2: Fate/Kalied Liner Prisma Illya


Fate/Kalied Liner Prisma Illya is a spin off series that follows an alternate story of Illya Von Einzbern, Miyu Edlefelt and Chloe Von Einzbern, and their journey to collect the seven class cards, medieval artifacts containing the life essence of legendary Heroic Spirits.


Fate/Kalied Liner Prisma Illya is a great spin-off with amazing comedic relief and a surprising amount of ecchi for the lovers of fan service. It is a great and wholesome loli anime with awesome powers, fights and emotional moments and wont fail at keeping you entertained in one or more ways.

1: Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online


Sword Art Online Alternative: GGO is a spin off series of the original series Sword Art Online. The series follows Karen Kohiruimaki, an Hokkaido native who is self conscious about her tall stature. To escape the real world she searches for a new life in the world of VR as a short and cute girl, after a long search she finally found a game that allowed her to be a short and cute girl named, Gun Gale Online. After becoming accustomed to the game, she started to have fun and made a reputation for herself as the "Pink Devil". One day she meets another girl gamer who goes by the name of pitohui, A skilled yet eccentric woman and the two bond instantly and go on many missions together. Pitohui insists that LLENN participates in Squad Jam, a battle royale that pits teams against one another, fighting until only one remains. Thrust into the heated competition, LLENN must shoot her way to the top.


SAO: GGO is a really great spin off series that may be just as good as its original. It has made it to number 1 on this list and for good reason. The character development is amazing with many characters like Goshi and Miyu being comedic relief. There are great intense and god tier moments that mirror some of the fights that occur in the original series Sword Art Online. This spin off series is one worthy of another season that many SAO fans want. Hopefully in the near future we could see SAO:GGO make a comeback with an even better arc.

Final Thoughts

Above Anime Culture has listed 5 of really great spin-off anime that may be just as good as their original parent series. Remember that all spin-off series aren't a complete disappointment and they can be really enjoyable and worthy of a 2nd season. If you saw a spin off anime you liked, drop a like on this post to show your support. Drop A comment below to let us know what you would like Anime Culture to review next! Until next time, Peace Out Anime Fans!

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